More Balogna at Night

Still a shot from a phone rather than a camera!


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Bologna at Night

I say it every post, but I’ll say it again: I cannot put my actual photos up until I get home in June. So these are pictures from a phone!

We drove to Bologna today, which is an Italian city with a huge and important history – even by Italian standards! However, they do not get all that many tourists.

It was late in the day by the time we arrived, so we just went out to dinner. Sadly, here in Italy they now have soldiers in the streets because of the threat of terrorism. There have always been military police around, but in all the years and all the trips to this country, I have never seen the army in the streets before…

Anyway, here are some slightly blurry mobile phone images of the city at night. One great thing about the lack of tourists is that you can walk around the streets without being interrupted by crowds.



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Italian Wine!

Again, I cannot share pictures from my camera at the moment, but here is one from a phone.

This was taken in Barbaresco, from the base of the 11th-12th century tower, this hot morning. The town has given its name to a famous wine.

This is one of the world’s most important wine (and food) areas (it is impossible to walk down a street without tripping over a Michelin star!). Because we are currently visiting Italian friends who were born and bred in this region, today we got to spend time at a scary-expensive winery, with the family, tasting their wines.

We were going to cringe, hand over a credit card, and buy some wine at the end, but before we could, they were giving it to us for free! Italians and Ukrainians have the same mentality in that regard: they insist on paying for everything. We actually ripped the lunch bill in pieces today in Alba, in a struggle to pay it!



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Lake Orta

We stopped at Orta for lunch yesterday on the way to Asti. The scenery around the Italian lakes is gorgeous.



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Crazy Weather!

Today, we woke up to snow around us, though in the picture here (I have actual snow pictures on my camera – will share later), you can only see tiny dots on the mountains.

And then in the evening it was clear and gorgeous.

Who would have thought I’d have seen so much snow on a late-spring/summer trip to Europe!

This is Italy’s Lake Maggiore. Tomorrow we head to Asti to visit friends.



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Italian View

We have a big apartment in Stresa on Lake Maggiore for a few nights as our first stop on this trip to Italy.

Here is the view from my bed:



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In the air…

A picture from the sky this morning. We flew from Kyiv, Ukraine to Milan in Italy. The window was a little dirty, but I tried my best!



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