Canberra Afternoon

Driving home from Canberra’s city centre on Saturday afternoon. That’s Black Mountain Tower in the background.


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Australian War Memorial Canberra

We had a public holiday today. I think it used to be the Melbourne Cup holiday, but the ACT Government moved it and renamed it. Whatever it is, it’s just an excuse to not go to work!

I went with my parents to the Australian War Memorial here in Canberra, which – despite being called a “memorial” – is actually a huge war museum to rival those anywhere else in the world.

The first picture is of some of the Victoria Cross soldiers’ uniforms. The one on the left belongs to giant SAS Special Forces soldier Ben Roberts-Smith. I had to get a blurry photo just because it’s so huge!

It was SO crowded today, with a gazillion tour bus-loads of visitors. It’s interesting watching people who have never been there before. There were actually people today who were walking around crying, that’s how moved they were.

My father is a war veteran, so we occasionally drop by and just look at a couple of things (usually things involving the Vietnam War) and then go for a glass of wine! It’s free, so it’s easy to do. However, this is the first time I’ve been where they had a teeny bit of security at the entrance.

The main reason we went is because Mephisto, a World War One tank, is on loan to the museum at the moment, and we hadn’t seen it before.

What’s really upsetting is that at the entrance there’s a boat from the Gallipoli landings, and every time we go there, everyone is running their hands all over it, despite being told not to. It’s astonishing how disrespectful people can be to such important historical pieces.





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Canberra Afternoon

We stopped at the local shops on the way home from a late lunch in the city, and this was the view from the car park at about 5pm. The silly lights of the football stadium ruin the view a bit!


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Thursday evening sky in Canberra


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22/09/2016 · 6:54 pm

Canberra Sunset

Just another sunset shot from Canberra a few days ago.



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On the road…

Driving from Canberra to Queanbeyan on Friday afternoon. Those are “watch for kangaroos” signs, but you can’t really see them in this picture.


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When you hear a knock at the front door…

And this is what you find!


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