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Soviet Silliness

This church in Lviv oblast, Ukraine was abandoned when the Communist Russians took over in the 1940s. As with many pre-Soviet and Soviet buildings in the area, nobody seems to have touched the place for many years, and there’re trees growing through the roof.


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31/05/2013 · 2:20 am

The beauty of Soviet architecture…

On the way out of Lviv, Ukraine yesterday!



30/05/2013 · 5:26 am

Jesus in the rain in Lviv, Ukraine today…


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28/05/2013 · 3:54 am

In Ukraine today: Lviv’s Opera and Ballet Theatre


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26/05/2013 · 7:14 am

Ballet at Ukraine’s National Opera Theatre in Kyiv last night


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24/05/2013 · 4:10 pm

Our very Soviet day in Kyiv, Ukraine today…


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24/05/2013 · 12:19 am

Zara Ukraine

Zara varies from country to country, so I’m going to be on the lookout for these in Ukraine.

Such a pity they used such depressed-looking models. That anaemic grumpiness doesn’t do a great deal for the dresses!

blue dress Zara

Zara dresses

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