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Canberra-NSW this afternoon

We had a surprise round-trip: Canberra-New South Wales-Canberra this afternoon thanks to a car breaking down. In these pictures you can see Canberra from across the border in NSW.



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Cute in Budapest

Because this week is turning out to be one of the most disheartening in Australian history (and boy, I chose a great week to return, didn’t I), here’s a picture of a cute little statue in Budapest, taken during last week’s heatwave.

Sonya Oksana Heaney Budapest June 2013

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Back Home


One good thing to come out of Qantas’ annoying decision to shift over to the Middle East and leave Singapore with no customers? Flights between Singapore and Australia are great fun for passengers!

In economy class we had three seats each and flight attendants so bored they kept offering drinks. One guy even made us champagne and orange for breakfast.

I’d say something more intelligent about the trip, but for only the second time in my life I seem to have jet lag. I don’t know what happened to me!

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It is very, very hot in Budapest!


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20/06/2013 · 3:39 am

Today in Budapest

So sunny, so hot. I have the sunburn to prove it!


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In Budapest last night

My GOD is it hot here in Hungary! Our apartment building is on the left. The Opera House is on the right (the buildings were designed by the same person). Not a bad location for our week here!


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In Krakow, Poland yesterday…


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15/06/2013 · 3:42 am

Soviet Stuff

We bought some old Soviet books in Lviv yesterday. This one, about Lviv’s Opera and Ballet Theatre (called by the Russian name, Lvov, here, being the USSR) was especially appropriate, as we went to a ballet there for the second time last night.

The end of the book goes on about the beauty and happiness of collective farming. Uh… no.


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Dinner in Bukovel last night


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07/06/2013 · 5:33 pm

View from our hotel in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

View from our hotel in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

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07/06/2013 · 1:00 am