Les Misérables in Kyiv?

The protests in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city, are taking on a distinct Les Misérables look now!



The Russified government is starting to ship in paid pro-government “protestors”. Just disgusting. Coming from a Ukrainian family, I think anybody who wants to be Russian should just move there. It’s horrifying how few people in Ukraine even know the Ukrainian language these days, though it’s the only official language of the country! The national identity needs to be reclaimed, and – yes – Ukraine needs to be looking to Europe, not corrupt Russia.

The media could start by calling the capital city by its official name: Kyiv. ‘Kiev’ is the Russian name!

babushka protest kyiv ukraine


When babushkas have to start wearing pots on their heads for protection against the violent thugs making up the ‘riot police’ you know your country is messed up!

Vitaly Klitschko Kyiv Ukraine December 2013


What I’d really like to see is boxing champion-turned politician Vitaly Klitschko running Ukraine. Twice Vladimir Putin’s size, he’d give that awful man a worse case of little man syndrome!

Independence square in Kiev


Kyiv usually has gorgeous Christmas decorations. This year, the big tree in the main square is looking a little different. That’s poor Yulia Tymoshenko in the picture. I was in Ukraine during her trial, and it was a disgrace.

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