Journalists and public figures in Ukraine under attack

Vitaly Klitschko Kyiv Ukraine December 2013

The world’s news might have given up on reporting on the situation in Ukraine (newsflash: the protests are still going!), but things are getting worse. I have family who are still in Kyiv, still braving the elements, still protesting. They have spoken to boxing champion turned opposition leader Vitali Klitschko (above).

Nationalistic journalists and public figures have been horribly injured in recent attacks. Two of the worst are as follows:

Kharkiv EuroMaidan co-organiser and civic activist Dmitry Pylypets.

Dmitry Pylypets, organiser of the protests in the city of Kharkiv was beaten and stabbed.

Ukrainian journalist - Tetyana Chornovol before and after her pro-Ukrainian, anti-Russian article was published.

Now there’s Tetyana Chornovol, who was attacked in her car, her face destroyed. She’s going to have to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries. However, she was able to help find the men who attacked her, and arrests have been made.

This is what happens to Ukrainians who are tired of the Russification of their country. Yet another black mark against their neighbours to the east.

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