Death toll rising…

This is the Ukrainian government’s version of we’re not armed and shooting people. Obviously they forget cameras exist.

Or maybe it’s just that they don’t care.

Five people are known to be dead so far, with others missing, hundreds injured and no doubt more to come. If it’s not the government doing it, then how’d the people get the bullets in their bodies?!

Edited to add that the missing activist has been found dead.

From the Kyiv Post


Pro-Russian Ukrainian Government shooting unarmed citizens Kyiv Ukraine January 2014

Ukraine Protest


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3 responses to “Death toll rising…

  1. slamdunk

    Thanks for keeping up us updated on what is going on there, and I am sorry to read that the activist was found dead. Strange that the abductors killed him and let his companion go.

    In terms of government officials arguing that they are not armed and shooting people, do you think they are simply splitting hairs? It is difficult to see from the images, but the troops look like they are using a type of shotgun–which they may say is simply firing non-lethal projectiles into the crowds. They could then argue that the troops are making every effort to deal with the protestors without firing fatal rounds.

    It certainly does not explain why people are dying of gunshot wounds though.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • I’m giving very abbreviated versions of what’s happening, so it’s probably not making much sense!

      There is footage of snipers – not the same as these guys (obviously!) – and they’re the ones doing the killing. The armed guys in the streets have been firing ‘warning shots’ in the directions of the crowds, but as far as I know haven’t actually done the killing yet.

      I’ve encountered these military policemen, and you’d think you were back in the worst days of the Soviet Union, the way they just pull up beside people in the street and start harassing them. On the surface, Ukraine is (usually) a great and safe and friendly place to travel, but it takes a long time for Soviet attitudes to disappear.

      Ukraine is bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics, which I’d say was insane, considering the current situation, but then they gave it to Sochi, so…

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