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Parliament House in Canberra

Here’s another shot of Australia’s Parliament House from the 20th. Also from the day of the pro-Ukrainian protests in Canberra – and the day of the worst slaughter by Ukrainian authorities in Kyiv.

Parliament House Canberra Australia 20th February 2014 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney (2)

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Russia: go away!

So… You know how the Olympics in Sochi were so great, and – oh – isn’t Putin great and NOT AT ALL involved in the situation in Ukraine? Well, why is Russia closing in on Crimea (which is, you know, in UKRAINE)? Why did Russians take over Crimea’s parliament overnight? Why is there now a Russian flag flying on top of the building? Why are there Russian politicians in Crimea stirring up talks about separation?

Why is Putin ordering military exercises on the Ukrainian border?

I’ve actually had Russians telling me the corrupt, overturned government wasn’t pro-Russian. The Russian media is now reporting the United States is harbouring deposed president Viktor Yanukovych. It’s ridiculous that the internet exists but Russia still prefers to listen to Kremlin-endorsed propaganda.



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Parliament House in Canberra

Parliament House in Canberra on the 20th. Sadly, ironically, the trip to the city was made for a protest to support the anti-government demonstrators in Ukraine. It was only hours before the worst of the slaughter. A few hours later we were watching it all unfold on the live stream…

Parliament House Canberra Australia 20th February 2014 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney

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More demonstrators killed in Ukraine

Edited to add: There are now more than 100 killed by the police today. 100 in one day! For what? Apparently a lot of the thugs they’re sending in are prisoners released in order to go and commit more crime.

10am in Kyiv and I’ve just watched live footage of people performing CPR on some demonstrators, and other pronounced dead. If you go to EspresoTV you can see live footage of snipers in the buildings surrounding the main square. Today was supposed to be the official day of mourning for the dead, and the government is honouring it by ordering snipers to kill more people.

The Russified Ukrainian government wants to call the demonstrators “terrorists” – but this is how it actually is. One side is military, with weapons. The other is fighting with rocks they pulled out of the pavements:


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I’d like to set the record straight about the Euromaidan protests

Voices of Ukraine

Robin Rohrbach:

Some of you watching the news tonight will probably see a little something about the events in Kyiv. I’d like to set the record straight.

It is not a protest. It is not a riot. It is not unrest. It is a battle. It is not because some Ukrainians would prefer to align more closely with Europe than with Russia. That’s how it started, but anyone still claiming that is waaaaaay behind the times.

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In Ukraine: Live

The riot police have moved in in Kyiv. Here are some screen shots from right now. There’re dead bodies and many, many injured people. The police threw Molotov cocktails at the demonstrators and set all the tents on fire.









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More violence in Ukraine

So, Kyiv, Ukraine is back to this. But the Russians and the pro-Russian Ukrainians are still hanging out in Sochi having parties.

Be warned: the video is not pretty. 😦

EDIT: The government has pulled down the video. I’m going to find another location for it. They’ve also started removing blogs running from in Ukraine.
EDIT#2: Found one.


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