Fallen on Maidan: Historical Reenactor Maksym Shimko

Voices of Ukraine

October 21, 1979 – February 20, 2014

Maksym Shimko Maksym Shimko

“Max is a good Kozak, he actively participates in historical reconstruction -“Viking.” We always met at festivals: Sheshori, Mlynomaniya, Live Fire, we sat in a big circle. Maksym is not aggressive by nature, but he has a great Kozak Warrior’s soul. I currently believe that he is continuing his Kozak service under the guidance of Archangel Michael,”- such fond memories of his brother MAKSYM SHYMKO are retold by Sergei Zhuk. He speaks of him not in the past, but in the present tense, because, really, he and all the heroes of Heaven’s Hundred for us WERE not, they ARE and WILL BE. Eternal Memory!

A resident of Vinnytsia, Ukraine. A member of the historical reconstruction club: “White Wolf.”
He died on the barricades from sniper bullets.

An unidentified man without documents, with only a train ticket to Vynnitsia, was found among…

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