Today is the day for Crimea


On Sunday the 16th of March, the armed Russian occupiers will be forcing an illegal referendum on Crimea, Ukraine.

The ballot paper has no option for Crimea to stay part of Ukraine – just as in Soviet days, there aren’t options in elections.

The Crimean Tatars, victims of ethnic cleansing under Stalin, do not want this to happen. Yet again, they have no choice about what happens to their homeland.

Those residents of Crimea who didn’t flee before Russia invaded have been completely cut off from Ukraine. The internet and television stations have been blocked, replaced with Russian stations and anti-Ukrainian propaganda. The Russia media is claiming there’re American troops storming the rest of Ukraine, and so that’s why Russia had to invade. This is a blatant lie.

The international community doesn’t recognise this referendum as legal, but it will go ahead anyway, just as Russia has been able to get away with everything else they’ve done in the past few months.

I’m going to be travelling when this happens, so any crazy Russians who feel like attacking me while I am should refer to this post.

It’s disheartening – it’s terrifying – that the world is just sitting back offering “thoughts and prayers” or “diplomatic talks” while Vladimir Putin goes about creating USSR 2.0.

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