Preparing for Ukrainian Easter

A few photographs from Saturday. Some of our own (slightly faded now they’re decades old!) pysanky – hand-painted Ukrainian Easter eggs. A few of them (the messy ones at the back!) were made by us when we were about six. Then there’s the traditional embroidery, and underneath that the weaving done by my great-grandmother in rural Ukraine a long, long time ago. It was given to us in 2011 when we finally tracked down our family in that village, after believing there was nobody left on my grandfather’s side of the family, thanks to war and the Russians. They’d been saving it for a few decades, hoping one day we might find them there.

And making the paska – the Ukrainian Easter bread. Baba, on the left, is ninety-one and still doing all the traditional things each Easter and Christmas.

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs Canberra Australia 19th April 2014 Oksana Heaney Sonya Heaney

Sophia Jacyszyn Oksana Heaney making paska Ukrainian Easter Queanbeyan Australia 19th April 2014 Sonya Heaney

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