Proof of pre-fixed results of Donetsk Referendum‏

Russia is chipping away at Ukraine, one district at a time. Give it a few months and the country will no longer exist. I guess maybe the world will finally start caring when Putin decides he wants a piece of Germany or the United States…

The Security Service of Ukraine has obtained conclusive evidence proving
that the Russian Federation is preparing and coordinating activities aimed
at holding in the eastern Ukraine of a so-called “referendum” on creation of
the Donetsk People’s Republic whose results are known in advance.

A telephone conversation between O. Barkashov — a leader of the Russian
National Unity movement (Moscow) and Dmytro Boitsov — one of leaders of the
unregistered Orthodox Donbas organization (Donetsk) 05-05-2014

Video is in Russian but with English subtitles.

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