VITALY PORTNIKOV: Restoring the Soviet Union is Putin’s minimum objective, he moves on central Europe after that.

Voices of Ukraine

By Vitaly Portnikov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 2.03.46 PMThe plan is unfeasible because achieving it will be followed by the collapse of Russia, according to the Ukrainian journalist and political commentator.

Putin has a great desire to occupy all of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and other former Soviet republics, Portnikov writes in his commentary on Restoration of the Soviet Union–is the minimum program for Putin, he will carry out further aggression in central Europe. Putin’s Plan and its environs consists of several points: “First, the restoration of the Soviet Union; second, to return to the situation of the Yalta conference of 1945 when the USSR controlled the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Third, restore Russian influence in Asia through cooperation in China,” Portnikov stated.

But Putin has not yet made a final decision, because in Moscow there is a continued confrontation between two opposing groups and the…

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