Russian aggression has not ended

I know the world has a short attention span these days, but despite the fact something else is “in fashion” at the moment, the killing in Ukraine is only getting worse, not better.

There is another protest at the Russian embassy in Canberra at 1pm on the 26th of October. I’d love to see someone other than Ukrainians there for once, but I doubt that will happen. Adolf Putin is coming to Australia, and ALL Australians should be outraged Tony Abbott is doing nothing to stop it.

I was in Barcelona the other day and had someone inform me the war in Ukraine was over, because the news said there was a ceasefire.

Don’t you just love these Nouvelle Experts on a country they hadn’t even heard of until a few months ago?

Here’s the thing about the so-called ceasefire: Russia never honoured it. Hundreds upon hundreds of Ukrainians have been killed since it allegedly started. Hundreds. It’s just the news got tired of Ukraine and moved onto – I don’t know – cute puppies or reality TV scandals or something.

On Tuesday, Russians artillery hit a funeral procession in eastern Ukraine. At least seven people were killed. This is “Russian peace.”

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