Dorky Ernie

Okay, so his name most likely isn’t Ernie, but that’s what I call him! But this is that cat I mentioned before. He’s started turning up at our house about four times a day, and I sort of love him.

If I had any idea he was a stray I’d do something about it, but occasionally he turns up groomed, and he’s very well-fed, and he always walks home the same way. So I think he’s just a cat that has decided we’re great because we’re up late at night. He comes to visit at all hours of the day. 4:30am, for example!

I really like him now. If he wants to move in…

Dorky Ernie Ragdoll Cat 3rd January 2015


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2 responses to “Dorky Ernie

  1. how can you only sort of like him? He is so beautiful and how he looks at you, his eyes full of affection. Cats choose their owners…

    • No – I actually love him! But he’s not my cat. We raised a young cat and three kittens last year and I LOVED them, and then we had to give them away. So now I’m very hesitant about getting attached to a cat.

      But he was here only a couple of minutes ago, and I gave him a snack, and I do really like him. If he comes later at night I will let him in and we have some time together, but he’s still not mine. 😦

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