Meanwhile, in Ukraine…

Russians have been shelling residential areas of Ukraine this week, in a region I have family in. The death toll continues to steadily rise.

11th February russian shelling in Ukraine - 2015


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2 responses to “Meanwhile, in Ukraine…

  1. Sadly our government does not currently see brownie points in such facts. The Russians have not yet been made accountable for shooting down the MAL plane even though the world was shown video of the rocket launcher fleeing across the border back into Russia.I hope your family stay safe and this Russian aggression is sorted out asap.

    • It’s very similar to Stalin’s invasion of Finland, when the world just sat back and watched it unfold.
      Of course, the so-called ceasefire the world leaders were patting themselves on the backs about was violated by Russia twenty-five minutes after it was declared. I have no idea why they expected anything to come of it!

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