Kangaroos at Sunset

One day we’ll actually stop on this road and I’ll take some decent – clear and closer – pictures of the many hundreds of kangaroos on the way from Canberra to Queanbeyan. This is when we were speeding past in the car, and I managed to miss almost all of them in my picture!

We have a plague of them in the Canberra region, and it’s really annoying when people from Australia’s bigger cities (and Japan!) – big, heaving places where you NEVER see kangaroos! – try and tell us how we’re supposed to deal with them. Try living with them jumping on your car, in your house, attacking you when you’re out walking or jogging, destroying the environment because they’re overpopulated…

We have had a couple of cars destroyed by kangaroos in the middle of the city. This picture was taken from a car we had to get after a kangaroo totalled our last one recently. Our neighbours had a massive dead kangaroo in their front garden one afternoon, and we live not far from the CBD.

However, I don’t dislike them at all. I think they’re great, and they look spectacular jumping en masse at sunset.

Kangaroos Canberra to Queanbeyan Sunset Australia 26th April 2015 Sonya Heaney 1

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