Anglo, racist visitors on a pretty day in Canberra…

Would have stayed longer at Walt & Burley this afternoon, but couldn’t take any more of the racist anti-Ukrainian and anti-Eastern European commentary from the miserable Anglos next to us. As if Ukraine isn’t being attacked by enough people at the moment… I told them off, stupid rude, racist, ignorant shits.

Don’t need people racially attacking us on the weekend!

I’m as guilty of anyone of romanticising Anglos, and forgetting how racist they are, though God knows I experienced enough of it in the years I lived in Britain, and do from my own family on the non-Ukrainian side here…

 Walt and Burley Bar Cafe Canberra Austrlia Oksana Heaney 2nd May 2015


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2 responses to “Anglo, racist visitors on a pretty day in Canberra…

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  2. It is really sad to think in the nation’s capital you would experience this.

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