Vietnam War

We did some driving around Canberra on Saturday night, and ended up on ANZAC Parade, home of the national war memorial services for Australia.

This is me standing in the centre of the Vietnam War monument – my father is a Vietnam veteran. There was nobody else around…

Vietnam War Memorial Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 30th May 2015

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One response to “Vietnam War

  1. flashback80style

    Brings me to this topic

    PTSD is definitely a topic to discuss. It hurts to know our Service Men/Women have to suffer with no backing from the Country from which they endured this illness from. People need to try and understand them and be more sympathetic to their needs.
    I’m bringing awareness to a Service Member that is in need. Please help support him and his family by visiting this site, making a donation and spreading the word so others can equally visit. The more visitors the faster this Service Member can be released from one Mental Stress and focus on the help needed.
    So visit and share, even write a story so others can visit.

    Thank You

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