Snowy England

Because of well, life, I’m a bit bad with the pictures at the moment. So here’s another oldie.

I took this at Warwick Castle, England at the end of December 2000. England and Scotland that December were covered in snow. I remember getting off a bus in Scotland and ending up with snow up to my thighs. And Stonehenge was a fairy tale place just after Christmas.

This was taken on a crappy old (film – of course!) camera that I dragged around my life in Britain, Ireland and Europe for a few years. *

Snow at Warwick Castle England Britain Sonya Heaney December 2000


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2 responses to “Snowy England

  1. Great image, film was and still is not that crappy. My slides can reproduce better than digital. Dig some more shots out Sonya.

    • Oh, I know it’s not crappy (bad wording on my part)!
      But this was me before twenty, with a cheap old camera, and I’m no professional photographer!

      I used film for long enough that people used to laugh at me when I was travelling a few years ago. It was a bit insulting… 🙂

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