Magpie Invasion

It’s swooping season in Australia, which means the magpies go insane and start attacking people who get too close to their nests.

However, we have the opposite problem. A family of magpies has decided they’re our pets, and now spend all day on the back deck, singing, like they’re busking for snacks! If we don’t rush inside and close all the doors they’ll just walk right on into the house.

They really do have two legs each; they just like standing on one while they sing for a reason I do not understand!

Silly things. This happens quite a lot of years, but it’s usually one bird, not three.

Magpies Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 26th October 2015v Sonya Heaney Birds Native Animals Nature

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One response to “Magpie Invasion

  1. Great photos Sonya.

    We also have a family of magpies. A little bit of mince steak makes them happy. They are singing to encourage you to feed them. They are adults with a baby so they really trust you. Try the mince and see how they respond.

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