The Three Stooges

Okay, so it’s swooping season, which means they’re supposed to attack.

Instead they hang around ALL day and ALL evening, singing and literally getting so close you almost stand on them when you walk somewhere.

This is no great shot, but I was out on the back deck, typing, and The Three Stooges suddenly walked up the steps and appeared next to me, singing. Again.

Magpies Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 29th October 2015v Sonya Heaney Birds Native Animals Nature


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2 responses to “The Three Stooges

  1. A few little pieces of mince steak will cement a friendship.

    • We just gave up our gorgeous stray cat because it was too long a commitment to keep her.
      Now we have these idiots, and apparently they live longer than cats!

      I guess at least we won’t be attacked. 🙂

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