I know it’s the internet, and people put everyone else’s pictures everywhere without a thought (or change the sources on Pinterest, so nothing links back to the owner of the picture – that has been happening to me a lot recently), but this guy has raided my blog and posted giant versions of my pictures on HIS!

And he’s called all my Canberra pictures Sydney!


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7 responses to “Ugh!

    • I actually think a lot of people don’t even realise a picture on the internet could be copyrighted.

      I think I’m just as annoyed he made a blog post about them called “Autumn in Sydney”. Half of them are from *our* garden in Canberra! And another one has Telstra Tower and Lake Burley Griffin in it!

      Plenty of people do this, so I shouldn’t be annoyed…

      • It’s good you can accept this happens. It’s still theft.

      • Oh, absolutely! 😦 It’s just in the past few weeks I’ve discovered a couple of tourism companies on Pinterest have been using my pictures, with links to their sites (and they’re just snapshots on an old camera, not works of art!) to promote their companies.
        I’m so tired of dodgy people.

        There was that Australian women recently who went into a clothing shop and discovered they were selling clothes with a photo of her from Instagram on them! If it gets that bad I’m going to be furious!

  1. There’s been a real erosion of the idea of property rights as we get more and more wired. It’s funny how internet companies want to make money from us but keep encouraging “freedom” so that anyone else can do whatever they want.

    I wondered one day why on earth someone would click on a heap of images I’d posted. They even wanted a closer look at the photo of my washing up! I got a wonderful surprise at Christmas when my niece made me a thank you calendar using my photos … including the washing up. The only other occasion I’ve had any real interest, as evidence by the click link stats, was in some photos I took at the Australian Botanic Gardens and Mt Stromlo Observatory. I keep telling myself someone just wanted them for a school report.

    • I knew as soon as I started posted anything on the internet that it was going to get downloaded by people, but it’s still a little frustrating when they turn up somewhere like Pinterest, linked to advertise some business or another!

      We were just talking about making someone a joke 70th birthday card for someone, with a picture of them on it!

      Recently an author was taken to court (and lost) for posting a picture of a male model on her blog (her “fantasy casting” for a character). That freaked out a lot of authors and book bloggers. People really don’t seem to be aware that stealing an image is the same as stealing a song.

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