Bird + Ballet

This blog is in danger of becoming all about birds, but they’re endlessly entertaining!

This is one of our regular magpies, and in the days before Christmas she discovered she loves the ballet score for The Nutcracker. She came to our door every afternoon and stood right there to listen.

However, on Christmas Eve, she listened like this. We couldn’t stop laughing, but she stayed as she was!



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3 responses to “Bird + Ballet

  1. A wonderful story. Magpies are great mimics, she may try to sing The Nutcracker Suite.

    • I’m already hearing weird singing in the garden (and on the deck, and at the back door)!

      I never thought I’d get so much enjoyment from silly native birds. But every day something hilarious happens. 🙂

  2. Keep videoing the singing, you may have a future performance to market.

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