Melbourne – Yesterday!

The weather in Melbourne today is so absolutely dreadful that we didn’t even go to the Formula One track. The cold wind (and the rain!) is so strong houses are falling down, so we went to a great Spanish restaurant in St Kilda (St Kilda is where where we always stay – and have for decades), and are now watching the cars on TV!

However, this picture is from yesterday, which was a gorgeous day. It’s not a very good picture (I took it from our table, where we were having St Patrick’s Day drinks!), but it gives you an idea of what St Kilda Beach looks like in nice weather. 🙂

St Kilda Beach Sonya Heaney Melbourne Australia 17th March 2016


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2 responses to “Melbourne – Yesterday!

  1. The great thing about our Melbourne weather Sonya is it can change day by day or hour by hour. We are happy to have rain and cold days after all the heat. Down the bay here at Sandringham it is beautiful and cool right now. Enjoy your stay.

    • I have been staying in St Kilda almost every year since I was ten, so it sort of feels like home to me. 🙂 My father is from Melbourne, and I have family all over the place here, so our visits are always family affairs…

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