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We have just arrived in Norcia and are about to try and find lunch (this is one of those Italian towns where everything still closes for hours in the middle of the day!).

The view from our room…


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I first visited the Italian town of Spoleto in Umbria fourteen years ago. This is my first visit since then! It is a short drive from where we are staying in Spello, so we just dropped by for a few hours. The tourists seem to have disappeared for the day – maybe because it is the start of the week.



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For Corpus Domini, Spello hosts a major flower art event in the streets. The town goes from being almost empty to having 100 000 visitors in one go. We went out in the middle of the night to watch the families at work, and then braved the crush this morning to see the finished products before the priests etc. destroyed them in their procession.




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Spello – the ancient version!

This is about the biggest day of the year for Spello, so we walked around the less busy sections. The town still has Roman gates etc. There are gates and towers from about the time of Jesus (if that’s what you believe). It was very hot!


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We visited a few of the hill towns near Spello today. It was pretty hot!


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Spello by Night

The thing about so many places in Italy is that the tourists clear out at the end of the day, and you get the place largely to yourself. There was a concert in the church last night, but only the locals were around to see it.


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More Spello

The locals are furiously cleaning and setting up for the competitions for the best flowers/courtyards etc. (including in our building, which came second last year), so everything is looking very pretty at the moment!



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