We have left Lviv now and are off into the Ukrainian countryside, the region of castles, where my grandmother was from.

It is also the site of many of the bloodiest battles of World War Two, when the Russians came through from one direction, occupying and killing, and the Germans met them from the other direction, burning all the villages (including my grandmother’s) to the ground.

I have been to the castles around here before, and so didn’t go today as I have both a cold and ruptured eardrum!!

Instead, here is a crappy picture from the car. It is the town of Zolochiv. It is Easter here, and everyone is out blessing their Easter baskets.



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5 responses to “Zolochiv

  1. Enjoy and love Ukraine, what a spectacular time to be there, Easter!!! Have you anywhere to go to join in the celebrations? Whether you do or not, have a wonderful time. Sorry about your eardrum, that is not pleasent.

    • We have been visiting family in their villages, but even just walking around the towns, it’s a good place to be. Everyone is celebrating, and the restaurants are giving out free paska. ☺

      • You are taking us on a journey through Ukraine (by proxy) looks and sounds fantastic, I can only imagine the wide open spaces and the lovely country itself. You do not have any cossacks handy for a show of horsemanship?

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