Revolution in Ukraine

Today we walked up the street where so, so many Ukrainians were shot during the revolution. I cannot get a decent picture on my tablet, but here are some of the memorials with the famous shields the demonstrators used. Notice that one has door handles on it. The Kremlin propaganda claimed the Americans were arming the Ukrainians. With THAT?

Not much defence against snipers!




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5 responses to “Revolution in Ukraine

  1. Very powerful images proving right does win over wrong. Hope you’re celebrating Ukraine’s win in Eurovision.

    • *Definitely* was celebrating! Nowhere better to be than Ukraine’s capital city when a Crimean Tatar wins for Ukraine! We went to a Crimean restaurant on the square where the revolution happened for dinner the night after they won.

  2. Potent memorials, a sad loss of good lives. Let us hope good will prevail and peace the outcome.

    • I hope. ☺ But as the world forgets about the war in Ukraine, I’m not so sure…

      • Ukraine does seem to have become the forgotten war, let us hope and give prayer that the resilience of the Ukrainian people will come through and succeed – they have faced this before. Those spectacular castles and the beauty of the country bear witness to that. Keeping Ukrainian’s in our prayers.

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