Italian Wine!

Again, I cannot share pictures from my camera at the moment, but here is one from a phone.

This was taken in Barbaresco, from the base of the 11th-12th century tower, this hot morning. The town has given its name to a famous wine.

This is one of the world’s most important wine (and food) areas (it is impossible to walk down a street without tripping over a Michelin star!). Because we are currently visiting Italian friends who were born and bred in this region, today we got to spend time at a scary-expensive winery, with the family, tasting their wines.

We were going to cringe, hand over a credit card, and buy some wine at the end, but before we could, they were giving it to us for free! Italians and Ukrainians have the same mentality in that regard: they insist on paying for everything. We actually ripped the lunch bill in pieces today in Alba, in a struggle to pay it!



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  3. I know this first hand. Italians are incredibly generous.

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