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Tuesday evening in Canberra


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31/01/2017 · 8:37 pm

Yet another Canberra summer sunset


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28/01/2017 · 2:22 pm

When you planned to sit in the shade…

This hot afternoon. Only, the local magpie family decided a few days ago that the furniture was their new home, and now you can never use it!


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Australia Day

This is a sunset shot from two days ago, but anyway: happy (if you think it is) Australia Day! When I was growing up it was a huge celebration; now it is (understandably) so controversial. It is a convenient public holiday for our family, as the night before is when we celebrate a few family birthdays.

I’ve been reading that fewer and fewer Australians actually care about the particular holiday, and do not celebrate it. Even though here Canberra – the evening before – we have the Australian of the Year awards, and then have a concert etc. at Parliament House, I have not actually celebrated the date for many years.

I think I might spend the day packing for our trip to Europe in a fortnight. However, trying winter clothes on when it’s nearly forty degrees isn’t much fun!



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Just remembering…

This evening a year ago, Canberra was hit by a freak summer hailstorm that caused huge damage.

It was my father’s birthday – the day before Australia Day – and we suddenly heard this HUGE, deafening noise coming from the southwest. I ordered the neighbour’s cat (who was hanging out here) into our house. We closed everything up.

And then it hit us, and we had to stand a full metre from the glass because the sports ball-sized ice was coming in at a huge angle and smacking against the glass. We all ended up with some significant damage to our houses. The roof leaked, and most of our doors, windows and decks were damaged.

It seems we have freak weather at this time every year now! Sometimes it’s hail, and sometimes it’s fire.

Canberra Hail Storm 25th January 26th January 2016 Sonya Heaney Ice 4am Nature

The back deck eight hours afterwards. It was a hot day; there’s still ice everywhere!

The Canberra Times actually used this picture – no idea why, as it’s no masterpiece.

Hail Storm Gowrie Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Summer 25th January 2015 Sonya Heaney Nature Rex Burmese Cat

The neighbours’ cat investigating during the storm.

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Summer Sunset

Our heatwave – most days for weeks have been around 35 and into the 40s – continues. Here is a fairly average photograph of the sunset a few minutes ago. I’ll share some better shots soon!


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*Enormous* stick insect this evening.

 Measure its size by the bricks!


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National Museum of Australia – Canberra

We went to the National Museum on Saturday to see the visiting exhibition from the British Museum: A History of the World in 100 Objects.

We had to queue for over an hour – I don’t even want to know what it’s going to be like when we go to the Versailles exhibition at the National Gallery!

It is much more “the history of the world according to the British Empire”. There’s so much from certain parts of the world, and NOTHING from the whole eastern half of Europe (including the Black Sea and the whole of Slavic civilisation – none of my heritage!), huge parts of Africa, etc.

It was still very interesting, but surely the more recent objects could have included something less British-focused than a cheap English football shirt!

There were heaps of things from Roman Empire times etc., however.


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Canberra Evening…

One more shot from Wednesday in Canberra.


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20th January. Enough said.


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20/01/2017 · 8:30 am