Australia Day

This is a sunset shot from two days ago, but anyway: happy (if you think it is) Australia Day! When I was growing up it was a huge celebration; now it is (understandably) so controversial. It is a convenient public holiday for our family, as the night before is when we celebrate a few family birthdays.

I’ve been reading that fewer and fewer Australians actually care about the particular holiday, and do not celebrate it. Even though here Canberra – the evening before – we have the Australian of the Year awards, and then have a concert etc. at Parliament House, I have not actually celebrated the date for many years.

I think I might spend the day packing for our trip to Europe in a fortnight. However, trying winter clothes on when it’s nearly forty degrees isn’t much fun!


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One response to “Australia Day

  1. Dress up really warm – it’s very cold over here at the moment! But beautiful too 🙂 Happy travels 🙂

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