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Not in Venice now!

We sailed (and then flew!) out of Venice today.

Because Carnevale is coming to an end the airport boats were so packed they couldn’t let half the people on.

There were screaming arguments. And I saw at least three people miss their flights.

Honestly, Venice, put more boats on this ONE day! Otherwise, everything was great.

We flew to London today, the city I did a lot of my growing up in, and a place that is not the most beautful anything, but somewhere I still feel attached to.

We are staying in the middle of Covent Garden, and I have no decent picture, but this is a view from my bed!


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The Contrast

Two quick phone shots from our last day in Venice for Carnevale. I LOVE the first pair (I’ve seen that man around a few times, and he’s such a performer), but there’s something that makes me think the second two deserve the award for best costumes of 2017!

Off to London tomorrow.



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Today in Venice




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The sun is back for the weekend!


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25/02/2017 · 7:29 pm

Evening drinks in Venice

Sometimes you just have to sit at a tourist restaurant to get a view like this one of the Rialto Bridge!

Tomorrow all the crowds will be pouring in, so this is as quiet as it will be.


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Grand Canal – Venice

We can usually see the Rialto Bridge from our apartment, but it’s too foggy this morning. The mist is much thicker than it looks in the picture!


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Winter View

Just a quick phone shot from where we had lunch yesterday. Step a few metres from the main thoroughfares and you can enjoy Venice without the tourists.


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