The reason I didn’t sleep last night.

This huge, listed, 200 year-old eucalyptus tree stands DIRECTLY outside my bedroom window, and apart from attracting thousands of birds, also provides temporary homes to possums fairly often.

However, last night, I was treated to a war between this possum, a male cat, and possibly a few other culprits, that went on – and on.

The possum seems to have won, and I caught sight of it (and its big, bushy tail) scampering up the tree shortly before dawn, leaving the cat growling uselessly at the bottom!

Now, though, I’m very tired. Of course, the POSSUM now gets to spend the whole day doing this!

Possum Eucalyptus Tree Garden Gum Tree Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 8th March 2017


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2 responses to “The reason I didn’t sleep last night.

  1. Its possible the cat was trying to kill its baby if it had one. In Victoria cats legally should be locked inside by sundown . If the ACT has similar laws the cat should be trapped. Cats are one of the biggest treats to native wildlife.

    • Yes, I know the laws for cats, and there are a few strays around here. In the past couple of years I’ve cared for and taken nine strays to no-kill shelters, but there’s a male here who is so wild I am having trouble with him! I am making SLOW progress, but 3.5 weeks overseas didn’t help with that!

      Taking a look at the possum now, it is only half-grown. Still sound asleep high up in the tree. 🙂

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