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Today in Georgia

The mountains and river (our lunch table view!) around Vardzia, Georgia, with its cave city built into the cliff face, and nearby Khertvisi Fortress.





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The Landowner’s Secret in Other Formats

The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney

The Landowner’s Secret is available to order in large print, dyslexic, braille and DAISY formats.

You can order them here:


New Zealand

United States

United Kingdom


New South Wales, 1885

When Alice Ryan wakes to find thugs surrounding her cottage, on the hunt for her no-good brother, she escapes into the surrounding bush.

It is wealthy landowner Robert Farrer who finds her the next morning, dishevelled, injured, and utterly unwilling to share what she knows. With criminals on the loose and rumours that reckless bushrangers have returned to the area, Robert is determined to keep Alice out of danger, and insists on taking her into his home-despite the scandal it may cause. Convincing her to stay on with him for her own safety, however, is going to take some work.

What Robert doesn’t expect is his growing attraction to the forthright, unruly woman staying in his home. Before either of them can settle into their odd new situation, their home and wellbeing come under threat and they will need to trust each other to survive. But they are both keeping secrets, secrets that have the potential to ruin their burgeoning love, their livelihood … and their lives.

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Monday in Tbilisi

Monday pictures from the capital of Georgia.

I’m a cat magnet, and this kitten on top of a mountain nearly came home with me! Such a big purrer! Then there was the random dog on the stairs up – followed by a random DUCK.

Tbilisi’s skyline shows the city’s history as a crossroads between Europe and Asia, with some Soviet architectural scars to boot. So many beautiful old buildings are falling to pieces.

And then there was the mountaintop Soviet-style entertainment!






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Day One in Tbilisi

Some pictures from yesterday in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The traditional architecture (the first one is from our kitchen window), the Peace Bridge, the receipt from the supermarket – with all that Georgian writing!, and lunch. I’ve eaten a lot of great Georgian food in Ukraine, but eating it actually in Georgia was a first!








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Goodbye, Romania!

We have another two hours before we can check in for our flight, but we are at the airport in Bucharest, waiting to travel to Georgia.


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Peleș Castle

Pictures from our trip to social media favourite and fairy tale-like Peleș Castle in Romania yesterday. Also, the Carpathian view from our balcony in our final accommodation before we fly to Georgia tonight.





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Bran Castle

We visited Bran Castle – allegedly Dracula’s castle, but really a royal residence – yesterday. It’s like a Disney house!



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