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More of today in Seville

They were building this when I was in Seville ten years ago. I saw it for the first time in 2013, and we returned a few hours ago. That is only part of this record-breaking structure.


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Oh, Barcelona.

Sonya's Stuff

I have walked down Las Ramblas many times over the years, and will be back in Barcelona in a few days.

There’d been talk of a terror attack in Spain for ages, and Las Ramblas was a location we’d said was vulnerable.

I was on a train late this afternoon, and when we got back to Malaga I was wondering why there were so many more police around.

I am very sick of these terrorists.

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Before the Rain

Heading home from lunch in the city today, with the clouds coming over Parliament House. It was a nice, much warmer, much sunnier day than predicted until the rain came.

This was taken from the back seat of the car, so it’s not very good!

New Parliament House Canberra Australia Sky Clouds Autumn 30th March 2017

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Poor London

Just as I started typing this, they announced two more deaths in a press conference.

This photo is from Westminster Bridge only a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to say in these situations…

Sonya Heaney Christiopher Heaney London Big Ben Westminster Bridge February 2017

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Summer sky…

One final shot from Canberra’s sunset on Tuesday the 31st.

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Thursday Evening in Canberra

View from the back door, with umbrella and other stuff blocking the view!


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Tuesday evening in Canberra


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31/01/2017 · 8:37 pm