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Sulmona at Night

There are few things better than walking down totally deserted, ancient streets at 10:30pm.

Despite the hugely frustrating, old rule in Italy – that still largely exists for some reason! – that the whole world has to shut down every Monday, we DID manage to find one place in Sulmona that served food this evening!

However, when we walked home tonight, it was an old, totally deserted town (which was fascinating). This picture is a few metres from the house we are staying in.


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From the Roman ruins

Despite the weather reports claiming it is only about twenty degrees – with thunderstorms – today, it is actually hot and humid in the sun, and – yes – sunny!

That is the monastery in the town of Badia, beside where we’re staying in Sulmona, seen from the Roman ruins.


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Lago San Domenico

Drove past on the way to and from Scanno today. The colour of the water is pretty great.



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We drove through the mountains today, with the intention of stopping in Scanno for lunch. However, there was a massive bike race finishing in the town centre when we arrived, so we took some pictures and continued on!

As you can see, the light kept changing…



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More Mountains

We’ve been working our way south in Italy. We’re still based in Sulmona for a few days, but yesterday drove to Pacentro for lunch, and then around even higher mountains than before.






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Our Italian House…

We are renting a three-storey house in Sulmona’s old centre for our time here. So you get exercise whenever you need anything, as well as more space than you could possibly use!

Here is the street from the top floor of the house.


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We have some family from the Italian town of Sulmona in Abruzzo, so this trip we decided to spend some time here (that’s a thirteenth-century aqueduct).

It is a blessedly flat town, despite being in the mountains. But I think Germany is sending us a storm or two!



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