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Okay, I’m home, and likely to crash at some point soon! Qantas messed up a couple of A380s worth of people’s flights, and so people were sent off on random flights all around the world in order to get where they needed to be.


In Dubai, waiting at yet another departure gate.

I was meant to fly directly home, but instead ended up on Emirates (whose staff really need to get their act together – the service and the food were appalling), paying unexpected visits to the United Arab Emirates (where airport shopping was done), and to Thailand (where our departure gate was showing a propaganda video about the greatness of their king – apparently he just about invented everything in the universe).

We were late arriving in rainy Sydney, and very nearly missed our flight to Canberra. However, luck was finally on our side, and here I am back in summer clothes and enjoying the sunny afternoon!

Adding it all up, it was about two and a half days of travel, which is insane.

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On the way…

This is Canberra Airport on Friday morning, while we waited to begin our trip to Europe.

With 41 degrees in Canberra and high 30s in Sydney, there were delays as planes (including ours) could not be boarded because it was too hot inside them.

That’s a little different to wintry northern Italy, where we are now!


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Hong Kong Sunset

A (polluted!) sunset at the airport in Hong Kong on Saturday evening…

Hong Kong Airport Sunset 11th October 2014 Sonya Heaney Oksana heaney

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