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Sunday in Canberra

What a beautiful, sunny and warm winter’s afternoon we had in Canberra (and a great end to the school holidays, if that has an effect on you!).

We had lunch in the city today, driving past all the Australian and Papua New Guinean flags near Parliament House for the PNG Prime Minister’s visit (second picture).

The first picture is from my walk to the local shops this afternoon. I love going there, even if only for the spectacular mountain views in the south of Canberra.

Walk to the shops Tuggernanong Valley Brindabella Range Canberra Australia Winter Sunshine Blue Sky Sonya Heaney 21st July 2019 Sunny Warm Afternoon

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape is set to arrive in Canberra for his first official visit to Australia since taking over from his Sonya Heaney 21st July 2019

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Book Inspiration

The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney blog-sized

One thing that thrilled me about the cover for The Landowner’s Secret, my upcoming book, was that the designer really took the setting into consideration.

Yes, the story is set in colonial Australia, and yes, I know many people think of Australia in terms of either beaches or deserts. However, *my* Australia is about the mountains and the bush, and my book is set in the shadow of the Brindabella Range.

I look at these mountains every day. I can see them from the backyard, the front yard, from half the windows of the house (which proved pretty scary when fire came rolling down the hills during the devastating Canberra firestorm!).

Here is an image from of the mountains from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons. I think the view is reflected so well on the book cover:

Mount_Ginini_-_Namadgi_National_Park_-_2 ACT NSW Canberra Region Australia October 2006

Here are a couple of random shots of I’ve taken while in the car (not driving!). The farmland in the second one is where I’ve set my hero’s homestead.



I know a lot of book covers in this world don’t have a lot to do with what’s actually written on the pages, and I consider myself very lucky that mine does!

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Canberra Mountains

The Brindabellas (the mountain range that surrounds Canberra) seen from the back seat of the car this afternoon. Canberra is gorgeous, and all the Australians who constantly insult us for no reason are missing out on so much.

Tuggeranong Valley Brindabella Range Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney Mountains Nature 30th June 2019


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Hey – Australians!

Batlle of Binh Ba Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Canberra Australia 5th June 2019

Everyone in Australia: at 2pm tomorrow the 50th anniversary commemorations for the Battle of Binh Ba – a major battle in the Vietnam War – are going to be broadcast live on television from Canberra, and then repeated the day after.

My father has played a huge part in organising this event, and hundreds of soldiers, past and present, are flying in to participate. My parents are in the official party, and will be obvious on TV, and I’ll be sitting… somewhere…! We’ve all been too busy to finalise this.

Afterwards, there’s a function at the Australian War Memorial, and then there’s a huge dinner tomorrow night, and I’ll be staying at the hotel in the city, because there’s just so much going on!

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The last day of autumn in Canberra

What a fantastic last day of the season in Canberra.


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Canberra Sunset

There was an amazing autumn sunset in Canberra just now…

Canberra Australia Autumn Sunset Sonya Heaney Sky Clouds 13th May 2019 Nature


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Anzac Day 2019

We went to the Australian War Memorial (which is here in Canberra) shortly after the national Anzac Day service concluded around lunchtime today. It was like being backstage; after hours of live television broadcast across the country, we got there when all the technical crews were dismantling the cameras etc.

This is the first time I have seen concrete bollards EVERYWHERE – the terror threat is so high now. They had two sets of dozens of big barricades on either end of Anzac Parade, where in the past there was just a flimsy plastic ribbon. It’s so sad to see that happening even in Canberra now…

My father is a Vietnam veteran, and a major commemoration for the fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Binh Ba is happening here in just a few weeks (the battle was mentioned on TV today).

We – as we always do – visited the Vietnam war section, and then went to Manuka for lunch and drinks.





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