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Friday afternoon writing view: Coke, cat, coffee, Lisa Kleypas book – and the table runner bunched up because a certain grey feline likes to attack it …

Friday afternoon writing view Sonya Heaney Author Coke Cat Coffee Canberra Australia Book 8th November 2019

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Monday in Tbilisi

Monday pictures from the capital of Georgia.

I’m a cat magnet, and this kitten on top of a mountain nearly came home with me! Such a big purrer! Then there was the random dog on the stairs up – followed by a random DUCK.

Tbilisi’s skyline shows the city’s history as a crossroads between Europe and Asia, with some Soviet architectural scars to boot. So many beautiful old buildings are falling to pieces.

And then there was the mountaintop Soviet-style entertainment!






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Misty – and the end she didn’t deserve

Winter Sunshine Cat Garden Canberra Australia Sonya Oksana Heaney 6th June 2017 1

Misty, the neighbour’s cat, who would have been twenty this year, died this past week. This is the cat who I singlehandedly nursed back to living after she had a stroke last year, sleeping on the couch with her for a week when the neighbour was away. This is the cat who lived over here most of the time, pretty much only going home to eat, as the neighbour was hardly ever around. This is the cat who had her own set of cat bowls, a special blanket, and a brush for her here.

She didn’t die the peaceful death in her sleep she deserved.

No. She was killed by one of the neighbour’s son’s bullmastiffs. She was so old she’d gone blind and deaf. She didn’t have a hope against a dog I know from personal experience has no business living around people or other animals.

When your dogs are so dangerous you have to put warning signs up everywhere, it’s time to rethink your priorities.

Blind Calico Cat Canberra Australia 26th May 2017 Sonya Heaney Cute 1

I am fed up with dangerous dog apologists, whose chant of don’t blame the dogs, blame the owners sounds too freaking much like gun apologists’ guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Both are ridiculous statements that get people and animals hurt.

Guns DO kill people, and vicious dogs DO kill people and pets. Just recently a woman here was killed by her own pit bull. And Misty, who this dog had known her whole life, is the latest victim of people picking dogs for penis enhancement instead of pets.

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Friday Maniac

Our latest idiot cat. Hannibal, an overly friendly Burmese cat (all Burmese cats are super-affectionate) being looked after by our neighbour for a few months. If there’s anything higher than him, he MUST go to the top of it!

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Funny Cat

She is eighteen, totally blind, and almost totally deaf. And yet she insists on climbing the fence to get to our garden, climbing two flights of stairs to get to our deck, and snuffling around for possible chicken snacks every day.

Not great pictures, but you can see her blind eyes in the last one.

Blind Calico Cat Canberra Australia 26th May 2017 Sonya Heaney Cute 1

Blind Calico Cat Canberra Australia 26th May 2017 Sonya Heaney Cute 2

Blind Calico Cat Canberra Australia 26th May 2017 Sonya Heaney Cute 3

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So, we had a slight storm in Canberra this evening…

In the southern part of Canberra, at least. It was unbelievable! Also, it was a bit scary. For a number of minutes before it hit, before we had a single raindrop, there was this huge, deafening and terrifying roaring sound (which I guess was hail falling nearby), and we knew something frightening was coming, but we didn’t know what.

Then suddenly these huge pieces of ice, ten times bigger than regular hailstones, started hitting our windows, coming in almost horizontally. It was so strong we had to stand back from the glass because it was likely to break.

Hail Storm Gowrie Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Summer 25th January 2015 Sonya Heaney Nature

We did sustain damage to pretty much every window frame, as well as to the back deck. The space above the stove in the kitchen had a waterfall running from it, the fireplace leaked everywhere – outside the fireplace, not inside it! – and the fan vent thingy in the bathroom also leaked. Then we lost power for hours. Thankfully we’re the sort of people who have lots of candles in the house!

Hail Storm Gowrie Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Summer 25th January 2015 Sonya Heaney Nature Rex Burmese Cat

Thank God we’d already let the neighbour’s cat into the house before it hit, because it would have been horrible for him out there.

It was my father’s birthday party, so it was a memorable one!


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More Blossoms

We spent some time clearing out my late-grandmother’s house on Saturday. All her blossoms are out, and the garden is gorgeous! X

Spring Blossoms Queanbeyan near Canberra Australia 12th September 2015 Sonya Heaney Flowers Nature

We have also picked up another stray cat. This is one of many we’ve had in recent times, and this one is such a lovely-natured creature.

Cat Queanbeyan Australia Sonya Heaney 12th September 2015

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