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Cooking for Ukrainian Christmas

Today we made (across both pictures, but please don’t count – I bet I’m wrong!) 90 potato varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings) for Ukrainian Christmas Eve tomorrow night. The traditional Christmas dinner is huge, with twelve foods served.

The varenyky took several hours to make. The second picture is of the gluten-free lot – my fault! They look different, but taste the same. The first picture is the normal stuff. They’re not obviously cooked in these photographs!

The borscht was made yesterday – it tastes better after sitting a day or two. There’s still a lot more to make!

Varenyky Ukrainian Food Christmas Ukraine Canberra Ausrealia Sonya Heaney 5th January 2018

Varenyky Ukrainian Food Christmas Ukraine Canberra Ausrealia Sonya Heaney Gluten-Free 5th January 2018

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Ukrainian Food for the Weekend

We spent a few hours today making dozens and dozens of varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings) for the weekend, along with borsch (which is actually a Ukrainian, not a Russian food, and has heaps of meat and vegetables in it, not the pink liquid people think it is).

Varenyky Ukrainian Dumplings Potato Dumplings Ukrainian Food Sonya Heaney Canberra Australia 9th December 2017

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Ukrainian Christmas

Today is Ukrainian Christmas Eve (and, of course, Christmas Eve for other countries, too). We’re Ukrainian Catholic (though not very good at practicing our religion!) – people often make the mistake of thinking it is ‘Orthodox Christmas’. It’s drives me batty how the media reports it that way every year, and also with Easter. It’s all about following an older calendar, not the Orthodox religion.

Most of the celebrating is done on the 6th, rather than on Christmas Day.

Anyway, Saturday night was spent baking, and Sunday was spent making the traditional Ukrainian foods. Here are some of our finished varenyky, taken yesterday afternoon.

Ukrainian Christmas Varenyky Queanbeyan Canberra Australia 5th January 2014 Sonya Heaney


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