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Magpie + Christmas

One year ago today since I took this video. It was Christmas Eve , and while we were in a big panic and trying to finish preparing food for Christmas, we had the ballet music from The Nutcracker playing. This silly magpie came to the back door and sat there every day for all the days leading up to Christmas. I only filmed at the end, which was silly, because I missed a lot of funny stuff! The stupid pose is very cute!


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Summer Afternoon

Working on my computer on the back deck on this sunny, warm afternoon in Canberra, and one of our friendly magpies has decided to spend the time sitting next to me…


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Just our silly magpies…

Growing up and practicing their singing. Sometimes they go for hours!

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Winter at the Lake

Because South Australia has sent us the tail end of its freak storm, here is a picture from the lake in Canberra a few weeks ago!


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We were away for two months…

And it took the neighbours’ cat twenty-four hours to move back into our house! Also, our garden seems to think it’s still autumn. It’s no colder here in winter than it was for most our trip to Europe in summer!

Rex Cat 21st June 2016

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Hot Afternoon

I found the neighbour’s cat escaping the Canberra heatwave by hanging out under our deck.

A minute later he rolled over on my foot and went to sleep. Poor man…

1Cat Canberra Australia Canberra Heatwave Summer 13th January 2016 Sonya Heaney Nature - Copy

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Bird + Ballet

This blog is in danger of becoming all about birds, but they’re endlessly entertaining!

This is one of our regular magpies, and in the days before Christmas she discovered she loves the ballet score for The Nutcracker. She came to our door every afternoon and stood right there to listen.

However, on Christmas Eve, she listened like this. We couldn’t stop laughing, but she stayed as she was!



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