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Today in London



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Wintry London

Phone shot from yesterday. Walking through Kensington Gardens.


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Random London

When I get home, I’ll have some proper London pictures. Here, though, is a shot from the City, and a shot of Australia House from when we were walking back this afternoon.



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Not in Venice now!

We sailed (and then flew!) out of Venice today.

Because Carnevale is coming to an end the airport boats were so packed they couldn’t let half the people on.

There were screaming arguments. And I saw at least three people miss their flights.

Honestly, Venice, put more boats on this ONE day! Otherwise, everything was great.

We flew to London today, the city I did a lot of my growing up in, and a place that is not the most beautful anything, but somewhere I still feel attached to.

We are staying in the middle of Covent Garden, and I have no decent picture, but this is a view from my bed!


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Winter in Bath

This is a picture of Bath, England from my first visit in December 2000. There was so much snow that winter! I’d just moved to England a few weeks earlier, and this was all new to me! *

Bath England Georgian Architecture Winter Snow December 2000 Sonya Heaney Britain

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Snowy England

Because of well, life, I’m a bit bad with the pictures at the moment. So here’s another oldie.

I took this at Warwick Castle, England at the end of December 2000. England and Scotland that December were covered in snow. I remember getting off a bus in Scotland and ending up with snow up to my thighs. And Stonehenge was a fairy tale place just after Christmas.

This was taken on a crappy old (film – of course!) camera that I dragged around my life in Britain, Ireland and Europe for a few years. *

Snow at Warwick Castle England Britain Sonya Heaney December 2000


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