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Spring on the way…

Sunny, warm, blue sky, a bit windy – it’s starting to feel like spring in Canberra. Of course, I’m flying out of the country on Sunday, so I’ll miss half of it!

End of Winter Spring on the Way Canberra Pink Flowers Garden Sonya Heaney 11th August 2017 Sonya Heaney Australia Nature

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After the Rain

Autumn Flowers Garden Canberra Australia After the Rain Sonya Heaney 26th April 2017 Nature

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26/04/2017 · 2:58 pm

Sunny Autumn Canberra Afternoon

Autumn Flowers Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 6th April 2017 Garden Nature

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06/04/2017 · 5:38 pm

Too Hot for Roses!


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17/01/2017 · 3:33 pm

Sunny Afternoon

The view from my computer in Canberra this afternoon. I had to take it with my tablet, so it didn’t come out exactly as I expected.


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Too hot for the flowers

They didn’t even get to look nice before this happened. Canberra is having a bit of a heatwave. We’re ranging anywhere between 30 and 40 every day, which is a pain when you live away from the coast and it’s so dry so often!



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More Summer Flowers


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03/01/2017 · 12:28 pm