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Christmas Eve – 2015

It’s Christmas Eve again, so here – again – is one of our “pet” wild magpies hanging out on the back deck on Christmas Eve and enjoying the music from The Nutcracker.

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The Contrast

Two quick phone shots from our last day in Venice for Carnevale. I LOVE the first pair (I’ve seen that man around a few times, and he’s such a performer), but there’s something that makes me think the second two deserve the award for best costumes of 2017!

Off to London tomorrow.



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When you planned to sit in the shade…

This hot afternoon. Only, the local magpie family decided a few days ago that the furniture was their new home, and now you can never use it!


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Magpie + Christmas

One year ago today since I took this video. It was Christmas Eve , and while we were in a big panic and trying to finish preparing food for Christmas, we had the ballet music from The Nutcracker playing. This silly magpie came to the back door and sat there every day for all the days leading up to Christmas. I only filmed at the end, which was silly, because I missed a lot of funny stuff! The stupid pose is very cute!


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Tony Abbott projected on Old Parliament House during Enlighten Canberra.

I’m trying to imagine – say – Americans projecting George W. Bush on a building, depicting him like that. Imagine the outrage! Funny…

Enlighten Canberra Australia 12th March 2016 Sonya Heaney Old Parliament House Tony Abbott Cartoon.


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Bird + Ballet

This blog is in danger of becoming all about birds, but they’re endlessly entertaining!

This is one of our regular magpies, and in the days before Christmas she discovered she loves the ballet score for The Nutcracker. She came to our door every afternoon and stood right there to listen.

However, on Christmas Eve, she listened like this. We couldn’t stop laughing, but she stayed as she was!



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Mother’s Day

I think my mother might be the only one who got toilet paper as a present today (don’t worry, she got nice jewellery too!).

This is special toilet paper from Ukraine. “Putin is a Dickhead” toilet paper!

Putin is a dickhead toilet paper. Ukraine Canberra


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