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When you planned to sit in the shade…

This hot afternoon. Only, the local magpie family decided a few days ago that the furniture was their new home, and now you can never use it!


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Too Hot for Roses!


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17/01/2017 · 3:33 pm

Work View

I am working outside this afternoon, under an umbrella, even though it is far too hot. This is what I am looking at from the table.

When 34 degrees is your “cold” day this Canberra summer, you know it’s a too-hot summer!

I will be in for a shock in less than a month, when I head to Italy and England from February through to March. As I’m sure people know, Europe is having record snow and crazy-cold temperatures.

Despite the news talking nonstop about Poland, Russia and Syria, 40 of the 65 people who have died so far were in Ukraine. However – and as usual – the word “Ukraine” never reaches the news.

Not really excited about going back into the high thirties in the coming days…


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Sunny Afternoon

The view from my computer in Canberra this afternoon. I had to take it with my tablet, so it didn’t come out exactly as I expected.


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Too hot for the flowers

They didn’t even get to look nice before this happened. Canberra is having a bit of a heatwave. We’re ranging anywhere between 30 and 40 every day, which is a pain when you live away from the coast and it’s so dry so often!



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More Summer Flowers


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03/01/2017 · 12:28 pm

Summer Flowers

First shot of the year. However,  I’m hoping for a good sunset this evening, because the sky has clouded over a bit.


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