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Cartier: The Exhibition

Cartier The Exhibition National Gallery of Australia Canberra

Just a little bit too much?!

Australia’s National Gallery, which is here in Canberra, has had some pretty amazing “blockbusters” recently (however I’m worried about the new director coming in soon).

The last big one I went to see was the Versailles exhibition, where So Much stuff from the Palace of Versailles, and so many historically significant pieces, were brought out from France for a few months.

Now, we have the Cartier exhibition – which is ending in a few days. We went to see it on Saturday.

And – wow. For starters I can’t believe that there was no security of any sort when there were billions of dollars of diamonds and other precious jewels on display.

They weren’t just any diamonds either; these were pieces from Britain’s royal collection, things the Queen wears, tiaras from royal weddings (e.g. the one Kate Middleton wore for hers), and crowns worn by Queen Victoria’s daughters. And these were pieces from Hollywood: jewels that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly etc. There was even a clock belonging to a US President.

These heiresses were seriously rich!

It was also fascinating to see how much money was coming from Gilded Age New York. So many obscenely enormous sets of jewels belonged to the American heiresses who married into the British aristocracy – just like in shows like Downton Abbey, and in all those books I read.

There were also other things, like costumes from the Ballet Russes (the NGA bought most of the world-famous company’s costumes many years ago, before anybody else thought to), and pieces belonging to Victorian/Edwardian opera star Dame Nellie Melba.

I was told that two hours wasn’t long enough to see everything, and I thought that was ridiculous: after all how many diamonds could there possibly be?

It turns out two hours was nowhere near long enough.

DIamond Tiara Cartier The Exhibition National Gallery of Australia Canberra

I’ve seen crown jewel collections in a number of countries in Europe. I’ve been whisked past a handful of crowns at the Tower of London on a travellator a few times. Nothing I’ve seen anywhere else is close to what is on display in Canberra at the moment.

This is how close we got to things – even with a weekend crowd. This is Kate Middleton’s wedding tiara:

I’m really hoping the new director realises what an amazing gallery we have here. His “vision” for the gallery’s future sounds, frankly, like garbage. I want more Versailles and Cartier and Impressionists exhibitions, please. Not “homegrown modern art”!

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Geode Necklaces

Geode Necklaces by Pamela’s Desert Rocks

Geode Necklace

Rough Ruby Drusy Necklace

Geode Cave Leather Necklace

Turquoise Drusy Geode Cave Statement Necklace

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Opal Ring

 Artulia has an opal ring that matches their bangle. It’s not that long to Christmas… right?

Opal Ring

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Opal Bangle

For whatever reason, I’ve been buying so much opal jewellery while travelling. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering how much opal jewellery we have in Australia!

I really like this opal bangle by Artulia.

Opal Bangle


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Floating Opal Necklaces

Floating Opal Necklaces by Adore And Treasure.

Floating Opal Necklace

Opal Necklaces

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Solid Australian Opal Ring

Solid Australian Opal Ring by Wrapture Gems Jewellery.

Solid Australian Opal Ring

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Autumn Earrings

Pretty autumn earrings by fineheart.

Autumn Earrings

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Random Aquamarine Prettiness

Aquamarine Wrap Bracelet

Aquamarine Wrap Bracelet

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OBERIG Jewellery

I want to buy some Ukrainian-style OBERIG jewellery when I’m in Lviv in a few weeks. I also think it’s going to cost a fortune, so this probably won’t happen!

Oberig Ukrainian Jewellery

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Opal Rings

As 97% of the world’s opal comes from Australia, it’s not exactly a rare stone here! However, it is one of my favourites, and I’m loving these extremely affordable sterling silver and opal rings from Israeli Etsy shop STarLighTstudiO3.

Sterling silver and Opal Rings


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