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Too Hot!

Another day of temperatures up around 40 degrees in Canberra (this heatwave has been going for weeks without a day’s break!), and our poor resident baby magpie is struggling to cope. All the birds walk around with their beaks open, and I’m topping up their water constantly.

35 forecast for Canberra tomorrow, when other cities that are hot today are getting a break – and some rain!

baby magpie too hot canberra summer australia heatwave bird 4th sonya heaney january 2019

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Friday Afternoon

One of our resident adolescent magpies – still with heaps of grey baby feathers – hanging out this afternoon.

Baby Magpie Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 2nd February 2018 Australian Animals Australian Bird Garden Nature

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Hot Afternoon

It was only around 30 degrees today, but this baby magpie is next to me on the back deck right now, beak open, looking hot.

What it doesn’t know is that tomorrow it’ll 36, and then 37 the day after!

I put as much (cold!) water out as I can, but some of the baby birds (especially the currawongs) like to play with the containers – dragging them around and knocking them over!

This is their first summer, so they don’t understand what to do.

Hot Magpie Bird Canebrra Australia Summer Sonya Heaney 4th January 2018 Australian Animals Nature

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Christmas Eve – 2015

It’s Christmas Eve again, so here – again – is one of our “pet” wild magpies hanging out on the back deck on Christmas Eve and enjoying the music from The Nutcracker.

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When you planned to sit in the shade…

This hot afternoon. Only, the local magpie family decided a few days ago that the furniture was their new home, and now you can never use it!


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Hot Bird

40 degrees in Canberra today. One of our resident baby magpies has been hanging around with its beak open all week (the magpies did this last summer, too). It seems it cools them down…??



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Summer Afternoon

Working on my computer on the back deck on this sunny, warm afternoon in Canberra, and one of our friendly magpies has decided to spend the time sitting next to me…


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