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Today in Georgia

The mountains and river (our lunch table view!) around Vardzia, Georgia, with its cave city built into the cliff face, and nearby Khertvisi Fortress.





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Book Inspiration

The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney blog-sized

One thing that thrilled me about the cover for The Landowner’s Secret, my upcoming book, was that the designer really took the setting into consideration.

Yes, the story is set in colonial Australia, and yes, I know many people think of Australia in terms of either beaches or deserts. However, *my* Australia is about the mountains and the bush, and my book is set in the shadow of the Brindabella Range.

I look at these mountains every day. I can see them from the backyard, the front yard, from half the windows of the house (which proved pretty scary when fire came rolling down the hills during the devastating Canberra firestorm!).

Here is an image from of the mountains from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons. I think the view is reflected so well on the book cover:

Mount_Ginini_-_Namadgi_National_Park_-_2 ACT NSW Canberra Region Australia October 2006

Here are a couple of random shots of I’ve taken while in the car (not driving!). The farmland in the second one is where I’ve set my hero’s homestead.



I know a lot of book covers in this world don’t have a lot to do with what’s actually written on the pages, and I consider myself very lucky that mine does!

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Canberra Mountains

The Brindabellas (the mountain range that surrounds Canberra) seen from the back seat of the car this afternoon. Canberra is gorgeous, and all the Australians who constantly insult us for no reason are missing out on so much.

Tuggeranong Valley Brindabella Range Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney Mountains Nature 30th June 2019


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Bush Sunset

The sunset from our balcony in Thredbo just now.

Kosciuszko National Park Sunset New South Wales Australia Sonya Heaney Trees Eucalyptus Trees Gum Trees Summer Nature Forest Mountains 30gth December 2017Thredbo

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Wednesday evening in Thredbo

The view from our apartment this evening. It’s still really warm here.


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Just arrived in Thredbo for a five-night stay. Our building’s entrance is exactly where the deadly 1997 landslide happened. It is hot(ish) in the mountains today, but it’s meant to cool down while we’re here.



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Black Mountain

Just a shot out the side of the car yesterday evening. We were driving across the lake, so it was hard to get a picture without a pillar in it!

Black Mountain Tower Telstra Tower Canberra Australia 5th December 2015 Sonya Heaney Summer Sky Nature


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