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While we are freezing in Italy, this is happening in the areas around home, Canberra, and Queanbeyan, where I have many family connections. I hope no more homes are lost, and no more people are injured.



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Stormy Sky…

South Australia has been having these crazy storms, and now the end of it has hit us here! It’s terrible, and Floriade and our NightFest had to be cancelled the last couple of days. What is going on?! This time last year I was at Floriade in a strappy summer dress, and SO HOT.

Anyway… This is driving out of Queanbeyan in New South Wales this afternoon.



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On the road…

Driving from Canberra to Queanbeyan on Friday afternoon. Those are “watch for kangaroos” signs, but you can’t really see them in this picture.


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Winter Sky

Driving home from rainy Sydney yesterday – we were there for an outdoor(!) wedding on the Harbour.

Winter Clouds Sky Sunday Afternoon Sonya Heaney Queanbeyan Australiaw 7th August 2016.

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Driving Home

Driving from Queanbeyan to Canberra this afternoon. We are still having near-summer weather. The sky looked pretty amazing, but the dirty windscreen meant it was hard to get any decent pictures.

Tomorrow we fly to Sydney, and then we fly to Europe (for two months) the next day. I really can’t be bothered facing that two-day journey at the moment!

Then we’re doing it again at the beginning of 2017… We’re so isolated here!

Sky Queanbeyan New South Wales to Canberra Australian Capital Territory 20th April 2016 Sonya Heaney Sky Clouds Nature Australia Autumn

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Sunday Sunset in Queanbeyan

Queanbeyan is only five or ten minutes from Australia’s capital city, Canberra. I was there for dinner this evening, and the sunset looked pretty good!

Sunday Sunset Queanbeyan near Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 13th March 2016 Sky Clouds Nature

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Goulburn Sky

It is a little dark, because I took it from a tinted bus window around lunchtime today, but the sky over Goulburn looked so strange!

Sky over Goulbrun NSW Australia 6th March 2016 Sonya Heaney Autumn Sun Clouds Nature

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