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While we are freezing in Italy, this is happening in the areas around home, Canberra, and Queanbeyan, where I have many family connections. I hope no more homes are lost, and no more people are injured.



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Poor Norcia

Horrifying news coming out of Norcia in Italy right now. The third earthquake to hit the region has finally destroyed the world-famous church (and the alleged birthplace of Saint Benedict) in the main square.

We were staying overlooking the church only a few months ago, and now it seems there’s terrible destruction throughout the town.


Norcia Italy Sonya Oksana Heaney June 2016


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How to spend a Sunday afternoon…

We were having a nice family get together at a bar beside the lake, enjoying the sunny afternoon.

And then my father got a call from a security guard at one of the big buildings in Canberra’s Parliamentary Zone: fire alarms are going off, and the fire engines are on their way.

My father (and his company) manages the building, and they have been renovating it (it’s a HUGE building) for the past year, so it was not the news anybody wanted to hear!

When my parents lived in India, he flew up to Delhi and people flew in from Australia to inspect a building. And when my father arrived the whole place was in the process of burning to the ground. The fire department didn’t have ladders high enough to reach the flames. It made the front page of The Times of India the next day.

He called another manager, who was in transit in Singapore, and said to not bother coming because the building burnt down. Of course he didn’t believe it!

Here in Canberra, luckily we were only a two-minute drive from the building, so we dropped by to see what was going on.

We still aren’t sure what the problem is. Maybe a false alarm. Maybe not…



No idea why the shot from the car looks so crooked! That’s my father, leaving his conversation with the fire department – where they still didn’t know what was going on.


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RIP to Luis Salom, the rising Spanish motorbike racing star who was killed in a freak accident in Spain today. I have been following his MotoGP career for years, and the news this afternoon was a shock.


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20th February Snipers

Today is the anniversary of the mass murder in Kyiv, Ukraine. During the Euromaidan, the revolution to overthrow the corrupt pro-Russian government, on the 20th of February 2014, pro-Russian and actual Russian snipers were sent into the city centre to shoot and kill dozens upon dozens of civilians.

The world has all but forgotten about the war in Ukraine now, but it has not ended. I still have family members who are refugees, we will be visiting them in Ukraine in a few weeks.

Pro-Russian snipers shooting Ukrainians in Kyiv, Ukraine. 20th February 2014.

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Remember Ukraine?

One year since Russian terrorists shot down MH17. The war has not ended, and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is still going, for all the care the world has shown.


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Eurovision 2015

Ukraine is not in Eurovision this year because they have been invaded by Russia.

Russia is a favourite in Eurovision this year.

If you can’t see how awful that is, and if you think it’s okay to vote for Russia, you should be ashamed.

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