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On the way…

This is Canberra Airport on Friday morning, while we waited to begin our trip to Europe.

With 41 degrees in Canberra and high 30s in Sydney, there were delays as planes (including ours) could not be boarded because it was too hot inside them.

That’s a little different to wintry northern Italy, where we are now!


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Saturday Sunset



04/02/2017 · 8:24 pm

Thursday Evening in Canberra

View from the back door, with umbrella and other stuff blocking the view!


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Canberra Sunset

Here’s another picture from the Canberra’s last January sunset. Unlike the one I put up yesterday, this was taken on a camera instead of my tablet, and after the colours got deeper.


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Tuesday evening in Canberra


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31/01/2017 · 8:37 pm

Yet another Canberra summer sunset


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28/01/2017 · 2:22 pm

Australia Day

This is a sunset shot from two days ago, but anyway: happy (if you think it is) Australia Day! When I was growing up it was a huge celebration; now it is (understandably) so controversial. It is a convenient public holiday for our family, as the night before is when we celebrate a few family birthdays.

I’ve been reading that fewer and fewer Australians actually care about the particular holiday, and do not celebrate it. Even though here Canberra – the evening before – we have the Australian of the Year awards, and then have a concert etc. at Parliament House, I have not actually celebrated the date for many years.

I think I might spend the day packing for our trip to Europe in a fortnight. However, trying winter clothes on when it’s nearly forty degrees isn’t much fun!


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